Court Ordered Community Service Insurance

Coverage Information

This insurance policy provides coverage to an insured agency or municipality if an individual is injured or killed while fulfilling their court-ordered community service requirements. Some courts build an “insurance fee” into the court costs, which assists the municipality in paying for the cost of the insurance policy.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits:

  • Principal Sum: $10,000

Accidental Medical Expense Benefits:

  • Benefit Maximum: $25,000

  • Maximum Benefit Period: 365 days from the date of the Covered Accident

  • Incurral Period: 90 days from the date of the Covered Accident

  • Deductible: $500

  • Co-insurance Rate: 100% of the Usual and Customary Charges

  • Maximum for Dental Expenses:

  • (Injury Only):$250 per tooth per Covered Accident    

Plan Benefits & Covered Activities

Two teens are fulfilling their court-ordered community service hours by picking up trash on a local highway. Suddenly, a truck veers onto the shoulder, striking both. One teen is killed and the other is critically injured. 


Claim Example

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