Third Party Administrator

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Hunt Insurance Group, LLC is a broker and a licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA), handling financial management and eligibility on behalf of our clients, as well as binding your employee benefits. By combining program administration and knowledge of public entities and self-insurance with a team approach to service, Hunt is established as a formidable marketing and service organization and a valued resource for our clients. We have handled over $68 million of annual insurance premiums for over 85 clients, including four pooled risk programs all comprised of governmental organizations and municipalities. These employers range in size from 2 to over 1,000 employees.


Hunt’s experience with government entities dates back to the 1960s when we became a specialist in the development of Association and Government Entity Pools and Programs. In 1984 we successfully assisted in the establishment of a large government entity pool, of which we have been the trusted Administrator for over 30 years. As an Administrator, Hunt specializes in Programs and Association Pools. We offer a full range of custom-designed insurance programs, self-insurance, risk management, and insurance consulting services.