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Hunt Insurance Group was the first insurance agency to actively develop Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI) and market it country-wide.  Since 1995, our program has paid out millions of dollars in catastrophic medical bills to local government agencies. Our staff has an extensive amount of knowledge, experience and understanding about inmate medical exposures which affects the way we design coverage, set deductibles and price for the risk of loss.

Real CIMI Claims


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CIMI Coverage Benefits

  •  Offsite inpatient hospital medical care up to an average daily maximum (ADM), typically $25,000 for the first three days and $15,000 for each day thereafter

  • Outpatient surgery

  • Coverage based on claims occurring in 12 months and paid in 18 months

  • No pre-existing condition exclusions

  • Coverage for HIV/AIDS and pregnancy included

  • Deductible as low as $20,000 per inmate/per year

  • Limits of liability up to $250,000 per inmate

  • Monthly payments based on actual inmate count

  • Preferred medical network in some areas

  • State mandated monthly average inmate population  

Coverage Available in 48 States!

Claims Reimbursement

Hospital Notification and claim forms are submitted for adjudication and reimbursement is usually made within 30 days.

Standard Exclusions

  • Expenses which are not outpatient or inpatient surgery

  • Expenses which the governmental entity is not legally obligated to pay

  • Expenses which are incurred after the inmate is released from custody

  • A 72 hour waiting period applies to those inmates currently in the insured's care, custody, and control

  • Expenses in connection with security or guarding of an inmate (but can be added for an additional fee)

  • Rehab expenses in connection with a substance abuse claim

  • Rehab expenses resulting from mental or nervous illness

  • Expenses in connection with new born baby care

  • Jails with less than 25 inmates daily, on average

The precise coverage afforded is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the actual policies as issues by the insurance company.

One heart attack can cost $50,000 to $80,000 in hospital costs, so I saw the need to protect the county from a catastrophic illness or accident. 

— Sheriff, Florida County


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This extensive corrections network provides significant discounts for medical services provided outside of the jail.

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