Cyber Liability Insurance

Our agency can provide coverage for all sizes and types of cyber exposure. Our carriers engage the most qualified security & forensic investigative computer and computer legal experts to assist you immediately when a breach occurs.


The Key Exposures

Cyber Liability insurance encompasses four key exposures: 

  • 3rd Party Liability

  • 1st Party Liability

  • Cyber Crime

  • Business Interruption

3rd Party Liability

3rd Party Liability protects against: 

  • Privacy and security intrusion –

  • Media exposure –

  • Regulatory exposure –

1st Party Liability

1st Party Liability provides coverage for you;

  • Breach notification –

  • Experts in computers and legal issues surrounding a breach –

  • Betterment – coverage for your computer system

  • Cyber extortion – malware, ransomware

  • Data restoration – costs for restoring compromised  data

  • Public relations – to mitigate reputational damage


Cyber Crime 

Cyber Crime provides coverage for:

  • Unauthorized system access resulting in loss of money

  • Funds transfer fraud (fraudulent instructions to a financial institution)

  • Social engineering fraud due to impersonation of another and fraudulent provision of funds transfer information​

  • Social engineering fraud due to impersonation of another and fraudulent provision of funds transfer information

  • Telecom fraud covers charges by a telephone service for fraudulent use of your telephone numbers or system


Business Interruption

Business Interruption provides coverage for

  • Income loss and expenses association with restoration of your system due to virus, intrusion/attack

  • System failure – replacement of income due to accidental, unintentional, unplanned disruption of your system

  • Dependent BI has options for loss of income from the disruption of another party’s system on which your business is dependent

  • Reputation damage covers loss of income resulting from damage to your reputation from a cyber event


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