Employee Benefits

Hunt Insurance Group offers many advantages:


  • Provide negotiating leverage with insurance companies

  • Conduct expert review and analysis of all employee benefits coverage needs

  • Act as an extension of your HR department by answering inquiries from you and your employees regarding                                                                                                  eligibility, benefits and claims

  • Assist with RFPs or quotes for coverage

  • Coordinate renewal proposals and binding coverage

  • Help with voluntary and innovative benefits like telephonic physician consults

  • Assist with enrollment meetings and employee communication materials

  • Distribute benefit booklets, ID cards, and periodic required notices to employees

  • Invoice monthly consolidated premium billing

  • Reconcile premium payments to carriers

  • Provide in-depth financial reporting, including cash flow analysis

  • Administer Section 125 plans, including required testing and document preparation

  • Maintain compliance with state statutes and federal laws governing insurance and self-insurance, including Medicare Part D notifications to Center for Medicare                                      and Medicaid Services, all data and reports for employers electing subsidy reimbursements and filing Form 5500 at reduced fees

  • Coordinate networks, prescription benefits manager, COBRA administrator, and other vendors 

Hunt Insurance Group can handle the full range of your employee benefits needs. We help you achieve flexibility of plan design that allows you to best meet your members’ individual needs. Our services cover the basics and beyond: Health, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Defined Contribution Plans, COBRA/HIPAA Administration, Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dental, Vision, Disability, Section 125 and Voluntary Benefits.  
For more on Employee Benefits Third Party Administration, visit our Employee Benefits Services page.

Self Insurance

If you are considering self-insurance, Hunt Insurance Group is ready to assist in determining if this option is right for your entity or organization. Self-insurance offers opportunities to:


  • Avoid standard insurance premiums

  • Gain better control of your losses and claims

  • Improve flexibility over risk management decisions

  • Increase efficiency in your financial operations



Many factors should be considered before deciding to pursue self-insurance:


  • Time, effort, energy, and resources are required

  • Plans must comply with local, state, and federal laws

  • Actuarial reviews on a regular basis are required to ensure sufficient funding for claims costs

  • Commitment to risk management, loss control, and safety programs is crucial


Hunt offers a full range of services for self-insurance administration. 

Leading Edge Communications and Wellness Programs

  • Transfer of eligibility from paper to electronic format (if not currently electronic), saving time, and reducing errors

  • Creation of client portal for increased communication with file sharing

  • Wellness templates, health risk assessments, toolkits and guides

  • Educational employee communication materials created based on client need 

  • Continuing education on current issues, compliance, and other HR concerns

Claim Support


  • Coordinate claims appeals, case management, utilization review, and subrogation

  • Analyze claims and report findings to employer, using customized reports

  • File high-cost self-funded claims to excess carrier 


Hunt Insurance Group is uniquely positioned to help any pool or captive determine if the services and programs provided by their administrator, excess carrier, or reinsurers are the most cost effective for the participating members.


In recent years, the demand for brokerage and risk management services by self-insured groups has grown dramatically. Hunt Insurance Group offers the professional support that self-insured groups require to thrive in an increasingly complex risk environment.


Our significant investment in people and technology gives us the depth, tools, and expertise to analyze program structures and costs to help self-insured risk pools or captives understand the best means of achieving their goals.

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