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Imagine the ability to save on average 35-40% or more on the charges for inmate medical claims. Although you get access to this national corrections network (with a total of 597,216 providers, 2,971 hospitals, and 126,254 facilities), Prime Health Services (PHS) will also negotiate with those providers who are not yet network participants to help contain inmate medical costs.

This extensive network provides significant discounts for medical services provided outside of the jail. The program can work along with any contracts or agreements you have already established to enhance your savings. Tie these savings back to the Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI) and the county jails may see a reduction in upfront costs on the claim itself as well as on the excess premiums for high cost claims.

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Our partnership with Prime Health Service provides a multi-step process for our clients to save many, reaching far past just a provider network.

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