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Hunt Insurance Group is an innovator in risk management with an emphasis on specialty insurance coverage and programs for law enforcement agencies, local municipalities and associations. We are proud to partner with the National Sheriffs' Association and other state law enforcement and governmental associations to provide excellent service and quality insurance protection, individually tailored to meet our client's needs. 


Each policy purchased through Hunt Insurance Group directly benefits the National Sheriffs’ Association in its mission to create and promote education and training curriculums, develop innovative practices and procedures, and advocate for effective legislation and representation of our nation’s sheriffs, their agencies, and the communities they serve.


Catastrophic Inmate Medical


A unique Stop Loss insurance policy that covers catastrophic medical expenses, incurred by inmate or person in custody, arising from a inpatient hospitalization or outpatient surgical procedure. 

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Inmate Medical Cost 

Management Program

This corrections network provides significant discounts for medical services provided outside of the jail. Medical bills are scrubbed for accuracy and negotiated for maximum savings.

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Cyber Liability


An insurance policy that covers first-party computer damage or upgrades, third-party liability for suits, notification or regulatory issues, computer crime and/or business interruption arising from a cyber event.


Court Ordered Community

Service Insurance​​

An insurance policy that provides coverage to a insured agency or municipality if an offender is injured or killed while fulfilling their court-ordered community service requirements.


Inmate Work Crew 


An insurance policy that provides coverage to an insured agency or municipality if an inmate is injured or killed while performing their duties as part of an inmate work crew.

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Inmate Work Release 


An insurance policy that provides coverage to an insured agency or municipality if an inmate is injured or killed while working at their place of employment outside of the jail. 



LEO Insurance

An insurance policy that provides medical and disability benefits if a reserve/auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer is injured while performing their duties as a sworn peace officer. 

Inmate Work Crew Insurance

Inmate Medical Cost Management Program

Cyber Liability Insurance

Inmate Work Release Insurance

Court Ordered Community Service Insurance

Reserve/Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff Insurance

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance

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