A.  Creates a value-added member benefit.
Insurance is often confusing and difficult to find proper coverage. Unless a member has a good insurance agent, the insurance buying process can be painful. A membership insurance Program can help your members by providing the choice of the right insurance coverage for their needs, at reasonable prices and often somewhat less expensive than buying it locally. You may be solving a headache for members by making necessary insurance available from a knowledgeable source.
C.  Generate non-dues income.
An Association Insurance Program can grow into a revenue-producing benefit for the association when it grows large enough to warrant a sponsor-fee; further when we develop an Association Insurance Program, we become members of the association and sponsors of conferences, meetings and events which also helps provide a revenue source.

Associations & Program Services

We are association specialists and have been for over 30 years.


Hunt Insurance Group provides comprehensive insurance coverage for association offices and insurance/alternative insurance programs for association members.  These programs include comprehensive insured, self-insured and captive programs.


For Your Association Office: With the changing insurance marketplace, along with your specific needs, you need a seasoned insurance firm to ensure your office is properly covered for the expected exposures (fire, wind, employee injuries, slips and falls) but far beyond including other coverages such as employee benefits, crime coverage, cyber liability, special events, coverage for your property at conferences and in transit, and liability for meetings, conventions and conferences. Also Travel Accident coverage for your staff while performing duties for your members and protection for your associations’ directors and officers while overseeing the organization. We will help cover your “special events” whether involving entertainment, competitions, tournaments or just large exciting meetings.


For your Members: We evaluate your members insurance needs, and then design, develop, market and manage insurance programs for trade, professional and fraternal associations and membership organizations of all types. Whether your membership coonsists of small offices or large manufacturing plants, we can develop a program to meet your insurance needs and help your members with a challenging area of their operations. We work to help your members to ensure the broadest coverage for the best rates and which can create non-dues income for you.




B.  Buying power can reduce insurance costs.

By combining members buying power together to purchase insurance from a central insurance company, the costs can often be less than buying insurance on the open market because of the association program and sometimes additional coverages can be included because of the size of your member program.

Why consider a program for your members?

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