Property & Casualty TPA Services: Self-Insurance Funds, Captives and Alternative Insurance Programs

Hunt Insurance Group handles the full range of Property & Casualty risk management needs of our clients. We guide them through the process of analyzing and implementing the major strategic options available to risk pools, including self-insurance and captive formation. We analyze existing programs to identify potential opportunities for improvement in coverage and efficiency. We offer risk control programs that enhance our efforts to reduce our clients’ total cost of risk.

Hunt Insurance Group is uniquely positioned to work within the alternative insurance arena and to help any self-insured fund, pool or

captive determine if the services and programs provided by their administrator, excess carrier or reinsurers are the most cost effective

for the participating members.

In recent years, the demand for brokerage and risk management services by self-insured groups has grown dramatically. Hunt

Insurance Group offers the professional support that self-insured groups require to thrive in an increasingly complex risk environment.


Our significant investment in people and technology gives us the depth, tools and expertise to analyze program structures and costs

to help self-insured risk pools or captives understand the best means of achieving their goals.


Our experience in creating, operating and managing self-insurance funds over the last 40 years has given us the insight and knowledge

to recognize potential and organize the feasibility studies for successful self-funded or captive plans.


Property & Casualty Pools

The insurance industry is a constantly-changing marketplace where appetite for risk changes frequently. Insurance  companies can specialize in a segment of an industry one year, and refuse to consider similar risks the next. That is what has spawned an extensive alternative insurance marketplace where self-insurance, risk pools, captive insurance companies and risk retention/risk purchasing groups have thrived. 


Self Insurance

If you are considering self-insurance, Hunt Insurance Group is ready to assist in determining if this option is right for your entity or organization.  Self-insurance offers opportunities to:


  • Avoid the overhead and profit load of standard insurance premiums

  • Gain better control of your losses and claims through risk management/loss control

  • Improve flexibility over risk management decisions

  • Increase efficiency in your financial operations



Many factors should be considered before deciding to pursue self-insurance.


  • Commitment of time, effort, energy and resources are required.

  • Plans must comply with local, state and federal laws.

  • Actuarial reviews on a regular basis are required to ensure sufficient funding for claims costs.

  • Commitment to risk management, loss control and safety programs is crucial.



Hunt offers a full range of services for self-insurance administration including, but not limited to:


  • Feasibility study to determine if an alternative insurance program will work for you

  • Design and development of coverage documents and fund/captive structure

  • Marketing to your members

  • Financial management including billing, investment service, and claim reserve management

  • Risk management and loss control

  • Claims management and oversight



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