Inmate Medical Cost Management Program

The Inmate Medical Cost Management Program (IMCMP) provides cost containment services for all off-site medical procedures including x-ray, dental, optical, inpatient hospital and outpatient visits. This program is an enhancement to on-site medical care and does not carry an enrollment fee. Participants only pay for the service if savings are achieved. A portion of the savings goes toward payment for the negotiation and the detailed review of medical bills. 

Simple Process. More Savings.

Average Savings

While the average savings are 35% to 40%, this network can provide up to 80% in savings. 

To understand how significant the savings can be, one Florida Sheriff's Office asked us to review a bill that was several years old. After scrubbing the bill, the Sheriff received a 59% reduction in the total billed amount. In another instance, the program was able to negotiate a 51% reduction on a bill for an inmate who was treated at an out-of-county trauma center.

Nationwide Corrections Network

The IMCMP provides access to a nation-wide network of directly contracted medical providers. This nationwide corrections network includes 597,216 providers, 2,971 hospitals, and 126,254 facilities.

Negotiations & PPO
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